The One-Oh: Labor of Love

The One-Oh: 01. CADET Officer shirt in red gauze 02. Cuyana tall leather tote in lilac 03. imogene + willie wilkins denim jacket 04. imogene + willie imogene slim blue ridge 05. Clover Canyon Book of Kells long-sleeve flared dress 06. Clover Canyon Corfu Swirl cap sleeve dress 07. Everlane slouchy cashmere v-neck in navy 08. CADET PFC pant in grey chambray 09. Cuyana alpaca infinity scarf 10. Everlane ankle wrap in fig As a follow-up to our “Ethical Fashion: The Quick and … Continue reading The One-Oh: Labor of Love

Ethical Fashion and the Millennial Consumer

On my daily inbox scan the other day, I came across this wonderful article about the ethics of fashion by Lucy Collins, a Parsons professor. Her points reminded me of several discussions I’ve had with friends and colleagues about the role of educated, socially conscious, yet student-loan-burdened twentysomethings within this conversation. It’s easy to advise … Continue reading Ethical Fashion and the Millennial Consumer