Mental Health

Mindfulness—There’s More to the Practice Than Self-Indulgence


It’s certainly no panacea, but research shows that mindfulness does do good things for the mind—and the body too! Derived from an ancient Buddhist meditation technique, mindfulness today primarily takes the form of secular guided practices focusing on awareness in the present moment and letting thoughts and feelings come and go.

Now I know we’re all busy people, and sometimes it’s hard to find even a moment to grab a bite to eat, much less spend time on what seems like self-indulgent exercises in, well, nothingness. However, according to this Harvard Business Review article, spending just ten minutes a day on mindfulness can improve decision-making and increase work performance. Moreover, mindfulness is a cornerstone of self-compassion (more on that here) which ultimately affects your interactions and relationships with other people.

So for the price of two Buzzfeed quizzes or four cat videos, you too can improve the quality of your daily life, even by just a little bit. Now, if you’re interested in dipping your toes into this thousand-year-old practice, here are some suggestions…

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