Millennial Hustle

Millennial Hustle: Akpanoluo Etteh

When I sat down to write this introduction, it took me an embarrassingly long time to remember the when, where, and how I met my friend Akpanoluo U Etteh II, or Ak for short. I’ve spent time with the 31-year-old data engineer and music salon founder in a myriad of different situations: a fashion week soirée in Soho, lunch at an upscale bistro on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, even a get-together at my sorority house in rural Tennessee, just to name a few. Because of this, I sometimes forget the humble, and somewhat ordinary, origins of our friendship—a casual meeting at a house party hosted by his then-roommate and my college friend at their Brooklyn apartment one sweltering summer evening back in 2012.

Ak still lives in the Williamsburg neighborhood, only a few blocks away from where we first met. We’ve kept in touch as I’ve moved further and further away from the L train—first to areas south of the Gowanus Canal, then a few thousand miles west to Los Angeles, where I currently reside. Ak continues to be one of the most brilliant and fascinating people I know, equally versed in data logistics as he is in choral a capella arrangements, gastronomic delights, or nuanced perspectives on hot-button political topics. Read on for more about how this millennial cleverly navigates two seemingly disparate career paths—and gets to do a shit ton of really cool things along the way.

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Period Party, Volume Two: A Review of Thinx Panties


Our multi-part feature on periods continues with a review of Thinx panties. You’ve heard the news. You’ve seen the ads. You’ve considered recommendations from your sister/cousin/best friend/neighbor/favorite actress. But are they worth the hype (and the $30+ price tag)? Thinx was kind enough to send over a few pairs for the Dinner Party crew to try out. Below, hear from DP contributor Abi Aragon and editor-in-chief Pamela Guerra about their experiences with these so-called “revolutionary” undies.

What is your flow like?

Abi Aragon: Thankfully, my flow is pretty predictable. I’ve been on Nuvaring for years now (which I would also highly recommend!) and it keeps my flow very regular. I normally have a four-day long period that starts out medium/heavy for the first two days. The next two days are normally pretty light. I will say that my version of “heavy” may be different from other ladies—I don’t usually have problems with clumping or bleeding through things.

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