The One-Oh: 01. COS curved-hem t-shirt in yellow 02. Nike Free TR 5 Print 03. Patagonia Barely Baggies shorts in Bermuda Curacao 04. Supergoop! CC cream 05. Marmot PreCip jacket in pop green 06. COS denim-look shirt dress 07. Fresh Sugar Rose Extreme tinted lip treatment sunscreen SPF 15 08. Chaco Z/1 Unaweep sandal in black 09. Patagonia Barely Bra in Tyrian 10. Chaco ZX/2 Unaweep sandal in crops

I should probably preface this post by saying that I usually hate “festival fashion” features. As a veteran of almost a dozen music festivals in both the US and Canada, I firmly believe that the editors touting barely-there cutoffs and floor-length fringed concoctions have never experienced the pain that is the sweat-induced inner-thigh chafe or the challenge that comes with wearing anything floor-length while using a Porta-Potty. So unless you’re shelling out thousands of dollars for the VIP stage-wing shaded seating area (with access to real toilets!), I highly recommend following this number one rule for having a good time at an outdoor music festival: Dress for comfort. Seriously. There’s nothing worse than having to leave the front row during your favorite artist’s set because you felt a blister pop or you have to rub sunscreen on the exposed parts of your complicated strappy crop top.

Which leads to my picks for this so-called “festival fashion” thing. Anything lightweight, quick-drying, or easy to clean are ideal. Both the COS t-shirt and dress are made from lyocell, a fabric which absorbs perspiration at a rate of 50% more than cotton and quickly releases it into the atmosphere. Similarly, the Patagonia shorts are breezy, water-repellent, and feel wonderful against the skin, even after a scorching hot summer day (same goes for their Barely Bra). Rain jackets are a must, not just for soggy days but also to keep you warm at night, and this Marmot jacket, which comes in almost two dozen colors, excels at both. Your footwear choice can make or break your festival experience. If you’re attending a non-camping festival like Lolla or Osheaga, go with some Nike Frees—or “cloud pillows for your feet,” as I often call mine. However, if you’re attending a camping festival like Bonnaroo, get some Chacos. They’re sturdy, have excellent arch support, and are a breeze to clean after four days of tromping around in dust, mud, and festival sludge. Personally, I’m a no-toe-strap kind of gal, but if your big toe needs the extra security, I won’t hold it against you. And last but not least, don’t forget your SPF. Supergoop! CC cream is a great all-in-one for your face, and a touch of Fresh Sugar Rose on your lips will make you look somewhat put together, even though you haven’t showered in almost a week.